Sand Casting

We have gravity die casting,low-pressure casting and sand casting process,can produce all kinds of aluminum castings about 1200 yearly.


Sand Casting



Production capacity

The company has a variety of production and manufacturing processes such as aluminum alloy material research and development testing, low-pressure (metal mold/sand mold) manufacturing, metal mold (sand mold) gravity manufacturing, and high-pressure (sub-high pressure) manufacturing. It has large-scale machining centers and various CNC machine tools imported from Britain, the United States and other countries, and has strong finished product processing capabilities. The company's products involve high-speed rail, locomotive traction system, locomotive braking system, locomotive damping system, fluid control, ship water supply and drainage valve products, high-voltage power industry, coal mining machinery, new energy, robots and other fields, and are exported to Europe and the United States, etc. nation.

Product process

Sand casting is a method of making a casting mold with sand, and relying on the fluidity of the liquid alloy itself to fill the mold cavity under the action of gravity to produce castings. Generally speaking, it is the casting method of sand compaction. Most non-ferrous alloy castings such as steel and iron can be obtained by sand casting. Single-piece production, batch production and mass production can be adapted, and it is the basic casting production method.

The mold in casting production refers to the casting mold, which is pre-prepared according to the shape and performance requirements of the casting, and is used to inject molten metal and cool and solidify it to form the casting process equipment; the casting mold made of sand is called sand mold. The composition of sand mold is usually composed of upper mold and lower mold, parting surface, core, cavity and pouring system.

The material for making sand molds is called molding material, the molding material used for making sand molds is called molding sand, and the molding material used for making sand cores is called core sand. The quality of molding sand and core sand directly affects the quality of castings. Poor quality of molding sand will cause casting problems such as pores, blisters, sticky sand, and sand inclusion.

Sand casting is an ancient casting method. There are many sources of materials for sand casting. The manufacturing method of sand casting contains many traditional manufacturing processes, with rich means, flexible processes and strong adaptability to production. Most of the above products in the foundry industry are sand casting. Completed.

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