High-pressure Casting

We have gravity die casting,low-pressure casting and sand casting process,can produce all kinds of aluminum castings about 1200 yearly.


High-pressure Casting


The company has a variety of production and manufacturing processes such as aluminum alloy material research and development testing, low-pressure (metal mold/sand mold) manufacturing, metal mold (sand mold) gravity manufacturing, and high-pressure (sub-high pressure) manufacturing. It has large-scale machining centers and various CNC machine tools imported from Britain, the United States and other countries, and has strong finished product processing capabilities. The company's products involve high-speed rail, locomotive traction system, locomotive braking system, locomotive damping system, fluid control, ship water supply and drainage valve products, high-voltage power industry, coal mining machinery, new energy, robots and other fields, and are exported to Europe and the United States, etc. nation.

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